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Jill Byrd, IWOX

Jill is currently the ALDHA Treasurer.

Membership Secretary

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At-Large Board Member

Andrew Boyes, Hikerboy


I first fell in love with the AT on Franconia Ridge in the summer of 1976 on my first trip to the Whites, and have been section hiking the AT ever since. I've done several LASHes and have hiked most of the trail multiple times, though there are a few pieces I know I'll probably never get around to finishing. I've also thru hiked the BMT 3 times, the Northville Placid Trail and hiked most of the Long Trail..

I've been an ALDHA member for around 10 years or so, and my first Gathering felt like coming home. I've made a lot of friends up and down the trail over the years, and ALDHA is a wonderful organization that fills the void the ATC has left open. I've participated in a couple of  Outreach events, helped out at the registration desk at last year's Gathering. I'm the field editor for the NJ section of the Companion, and one of the Administrators of our Facebook Group.
It is my desire as a member at large to help expand our organization with my strong background in sales and marketing, to let thru hikers know there's life after they finish, and to continue to encourage them to stay active through ALDHA, local trail clubs and maintenance crews, and expand our appeal to dreamers and section hikers.

At-Large Board Member

David Chandler, Music Man

David hiked the AT in 2020 and has been an ALDHA Member since 2021. He desires to help improve the trail community and to give back to it.

At-Large Board Member

John Jordan, Morning Glory

John lives in Knoxville, TN. He grew up near Hampton, TN and remembers seeing the Appalachian Trail for the first time in 5th grade as he hiked with his dad and brother one day on his first of probably fifty day hikes to Laurel Falls. He took his first overnight hike on the AT in 1995.

In 2001, he began a quest to eventually section hike the entire AT. He put his plans on hold in 2011 after completing around 600 miles. Since then, he's spent a lot of time shuttling hikers and doing occasional trail magic. In 2022, John enjoyed coordinating the ALDHA Care program and hopes to expand and fine tune the program in coming years.

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