RPH Cabin Volunteers Work Weekend

  • 07/19/2019
  • 8:00 AM
  • 07/21/2019
  • 4:00 PM
  • RPH Cabin


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RPH Cabin Volunteers Work Weekend

20 years of working on the trail at RPH Cabin!

  • Five water bars need to be repaired. Out of the five, three need to be completely rebuild. This project is south of the cabin about .25 of a mile.
  • A large 100 year old Oak tree which came down due to last years tornadoes near Long Hill Road will be removed, 3 miles south of cabin. Sawyers from club will complete this.
  • Several sections of damaged wooden walk way planking which runs along the cabin area will be removed and repaired. 
  • The Gerry Messerich Memorial flower garden built by Chuck Wood and Ralph Ferrusi will be weeded.
  • Oak Cribbing steps built over the last two years, ( LLBean grant) near Taconic State Park Way needs a good cleaning out. The gravel that creates the steps has become filled with eroded soil. This area is .5  mile north of the cabin. 
  • The Mother of all Root Balls, A massive 2000 lb boulder trapped in a 18' root ball will be cut free. The will allow us to return the trail to its first location.  1/8 mile walk north of the cabin. 

The club will provide instruction, tools, and safety gear, however, please bring your own trail, or carpenter tools, if you have them. 

(no chainsaws unless you have Sawyer qualifications and safety equipment)

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner all three days, with a BBQ on Saturday night! Donations of food for the volunteers are most appreciated.  

Overnight tent and hammock camping, and offsite overflow parking available.

For more info:

Tim Messerich, Trail crew leader, bascomgrillmaster@yahoo.com or 845-401-8817

 Jim Gahn, President, earmaster@juno.com  or 914-213-7250       

Sponsors include L.L. Bean, Thalle Industries, Chelsea Forest Products

and ALDHA      


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