Appalachian Trail Mailing Labels

The mailing labels page has a wealth of information for planning a thru--hike or section-hike of the Appalachian Trail. Included is a quick glance at mileage between the most convenient and popular resupply options, and an easy way to print out package labels for mail drops of food, gear, maps and meds, etc. It also includes a ton of links to other aspects for hiking the trail, a complete list of major and cottage gear manufacturers, as well as journals and videos.

Continental Divide Trail Mailing Labels

The same wealth of information as the AT Mailing Labels page, only for the CDT.

Pacific Crest Trail Mailing Labels

Again, the same wealth of information as the AT and CDT Mailing Labels pages.

The Northern Ruck

A small get-together held at Bears Den Hiking Center for folks planning to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. Help with gear and pack tuckerzing, where former thru-hikers, tell newcomers what works, and what doesn't.

Other topics may include the benefits of flip-flopping, Leave No Trace,  future work trips, what's coming up at the ALDHA Gathering, and of course, home-style meals!Similar in nature to the Northern Ruck




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