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the 1st ALDHA Care package

  Just Jim delivering the 1st ALDHA Care package to Bob Peoples at the Kincora Hostel


The Appalachian Long Distance Hiking Association has dedicated itself to helping and preserving services on the Appalachian Trail. The ALDHA Care Program will provide assistance to low cost and donation only hostels along the Appalachian Trail.  

Assistance to these Service Providers will be made available via logistical support, organized maintenance and cleaning events, and by helping the hostels with day to day operations during the peak hiking season. 

Each year, ALDHA Care will deliver each of low cost and donation only hostels a package of items to help jump start their hiking season.

Additionally, one of the hostels will be the recipient of the ALDHA Care Spring Clean Up. 

If you are a low cost or donation only hostel or service provider on the Appalachian Trail, and you need assistance, or if you would like to be added to the ALDHA Care volunteer data base, contact Jim Chambers using the form below.  Or email Jim at

ALDHA Care Schedule

                                                                                     DATE                                             TOWN                                               HOSTEL                                        FUNCTION

3/1/18                                       Hampton, TN                                    Kincora Hostel                                Care Package

3/5/18                                       Neels Gap, GA                                   Mountain Crossings                       Care Package

3/5/18                                       Topton, NC                                        Nantahala Lodge                            Care Package

3/6/18                                       Fontana Dam, NC                             The Hike Inn                                    Care Package

3/6/18                                       Newport, TN                                     Standing Bear Hostel                      Care Package

3/6/18                                       Hot Springs, NC                                Laughing Heart Hostel                   Care Package

3/19/18                                     Greeneville, TN                                 Hemlock Hollow Hostel                 Care Package

                 3/19/18                                     Erwin, TN                                           Uncle Johnny's Hostel                    Care Package              

3/19/18                                     Erwin, TN                                           Cantarossa Farm                            Care Package

3/19/18                                     Bakerville, NC                                    Greasy Creek Hostel                      Care Package

3/20/18                                     Roan Mountain, NC                           Mountain Harbor Hostel              Care Package

3/20/18                                     Roan Mountain, NC                           Vango Hostel                                 Care Package

3/21/18                                     Hampton, TN                                      Boots Off Hostel                           Care Package

3/21/18                                     Hampton, TN                                      Dividing Ridge Campground       Care Package

3/21/18                                     Damascus, VA                                     Dave's at MRO                              Care Package

3/21/18                                     Damascus, VA                                     Crazy Larry's Hostel                     Care Package

3/21/18                                     Damascus, VA                                     Broken Fiddle Hostel                   Care Package

3/21/18                                     Damascus, VA                                      Woodchuck Hostel                      Care Package

3/29/18                                     Troutdale, VA                                       Baptist Church Hostel                 Care Package

3/29/18                                     Bland, VA                                              Lick Skillet Hostel                        Care Package

3/30/18 to 3/31/18                  Pearisburg, VA                                     Holy Family Hostel                      Spring Clean Up

                 4/7/18                                       Bluemont, VA                                       Bears Den Hostel                         ALDHA Spring Meeting

4/10/18                                     Catawba, VA                                         4 Pines Hostel                              Care Package

4/10/18                                     Harpers Ferry, WV                              Tea Horse Hostel                           Care Package

4/10/18                                     Knoxville, MD                                      Harpers Ferry Hostel                    Care Package

4/11/18                                     Front Royal, VA                                    Mountain Home Hostel               Care Package

​4/11/18                                     Luray, VA                                              Open Arms Hostel                        Care Package

4/11/18                                     Waynesboro, VA                                  Lutheran Church                           Care Package

             4/11/18                                     Waynesboro, VA                                  Hiker Pavilion                                Clean/Make Repairs

6/11/18                                     Pine Grove Furnace State Park          Iron Masters Hostel                      Site Visit

​6/11/18                                     Gardners, PA                                        AT Museum                                   Site Visit

​6/11/18                                     Fayetteville, PA                                    Trail of Hope Hostel                      Care Package

6/11/18                                     Delaware Water Gap                          Church of the Mountain Hostel   Care Package

6/12/18                                     Salisbury, CT                                        Maria McCabe House                   Care Package

​6/12/18                                    Sharon, CT                                            Bearded Woods Hostel                Care Package

6/8/17                                      Manchester Center, VT                       Green Mountain House                Care Package

​6/12/18                                    Rutland, VT                                           Mad Hatter/Ma Buddah               Care Package

​6/12/18                                    Killington, VT                                        Inn At Long Trail                           Care Package

6/13/18                                    Glencliff, NH                                        Hikers Welcome Hostel                 Care Package

6/13/18                                    Gorham, NH                                        White Birches Hostel                     Care Package

6/13/18                                    Gorham, NH                                        The Barn                                         Care Package

6/13/18                                    Gorham, NH                                        White Mountain Lodge                 Care Package

6/14/18                                    Andover, ME                                        The Cabin                                       Care Package

6/14/18                                    Millinocket, ME                                    The AT Lodge                                 Care Package

6/14/18                                     Monson, ME                                        Shaw's Boarding House               Care Package

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