Ralphs Peak Hikers Cabin Volunteers Clubs Report

09/26/2018 8:13 PM | Tim Messerich

Hello Fellow ALDHA Members,

Tim Messerich here with the clubs report for our twentieth year working at RPH Cabin. Our event was held July 13,14,15. Due to unforeseen circumstances,ie hospital visits, work commitments and family affairs we had the lowest volunteer turn out in our club history.This low turnout did not affect the magnitude, nor the quantity of our of the work that was accomplish, as you will see!

 On May 15 about 4pm in the afternoon four tornadoes went thou Dutchess and Putnam county. And of course the AT was right in its path .The area just north of the cabin (Hooserner Mountain) two to four hundred trees down.     Not all of them on the trail itself but, a large chuck of trail had to be permanently rerouted. The trail was closed off for about a month until the sawyers could get a handle on the mess. 

 South of RPH Cabin going all the way to route  301 in Fahnestock State Park

there were about 20 trees down. I hope your getting the picture? Now on to RPH..... The trail was completely blocked on both sides from the cabin to the  the out house. To top that off the Herold Fraude Hammack area was blocked also.Damage To the grounds was confined  to the Gerry Messerich Memorial Flower garden and the AT mileage sign.Both were repaired during our work week end. Now on to the trees, The massive 130 year old Oak tree,the bear bag wonder,took out  seven more trees and piled them 10 feet high across the trail. North or south bound hikers could not see the other section of the trail at all.

 With our small band of 20 of volunteers each day we managed to cut,stack,and completely cleanup the entire area. RPH Cabin area will never look the same. Thanks to the down Oak tree we now have a excellent sun rise view of Hooserner Mountain in the morning.!Plus our club members installed 15 new locust steps just south of Taconic Parkway. Bringing the grant total to 40 including last year's project. One fabulous job considering that all of the tree work that was going on at the same time. Two more projects were on going during the week end as well, Several planks on the boardwalk rotted out and were repaired. New trees that were planted prior to the tornadoes were cared for.( Yes we need them now).

   The following  clubs participated,

ADK Mid Hudson Chapter

ALDHA members

Hike For Mental Health

NY/NJ Trail Conference members

Thur Hikers

Ralphs Peak Hikers Cabin Volunteers Club

The sponsors for the work week end as follows,

LLBean grant for 8x8 Locust Timbers $ 1000.00

ADK Mid Hudson Chapter, $500,00 for new trees

Thall Industries Inc Fishkill NY, Crushed Stone

 Chelsea Forest Products Wappinger Falls,NY. Boardwalk Lumber.

Appalachian Long Distance Hiking Association $ 500.00

  The club is most grateful for the continued support that ALDHA has shown us in the past seven years. This years ALDHA donation was spent on food for the trail workers.Thank you very much.

 As all way RPHCVC members will be hitting the trail this fall to check on the cabin and to make sure the trail is in excellent condition.

Thank You as all ways.

Tim Messerich,

ALDHA Honorary Life Member

Founder , Past President, and current Crew Leader Ralphs Peck Hikers Volunteer Club

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