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  • 11/06/2020 6:55 PM | Robert Sylvester (Administrator)

    The results have been counted, recounted, and tabulated with, of course, a 2020 twist.  Those elected have been notified and the board seated.  We had a slate of highly qualified candidates and I want to thank the nominees, elected or not, for their participation. 

    It was a good year for the incumbents with all five of the previous board members reelected.  Robert “Sly” Sylvester was reelected as the Membership Secretary.  Jill “IWOX” Byrd was reelected as Treasurer.  Vera “Missing Kink” Hurst, Jim “High Octane” Niedbalski, and Dennis “Trail Pilgrim” Newton were reelected as Members At-Large.  The fourth AT-Large position was won by Robert “Third Half” Christianson who is new to the board.  And now the 2020 twist.

    Just as voting was closing for our election, we were notified by Peter “Chenango” Passalacqua, our Recording Secretary, that he was going to step down from the board for personal reasons.  We hate to lose Peter.  He has been a fantastic Recording Secretary, Board Member, Gathering Coordinator, confidant, and friend.  We wish him the best.  In keeping with our traditions and bylaws, Dennis “Trail Pilgrim” Newton was asked to step up to fill the vacant position.  The board agreed and he will finish the remaining year of Peter’s term… until the next election.  We are lucky to have Dennis available and willing to take on the duties as Recording Secretary.

    The next step was to fill Dennis’ now vacant At-Large position. In keeping with our bylaws, this will also be for one year… until the next election.  Shalin “Shay” Desai received the next highest number of votes for the At-Large position, and after the board approved the selection, he was offered the position and has accepted.

    For the record, we had 177 members vote electronically and 12 vote through more traditional means, for a total of 189.  This is nearly double the number voting members we traditionally have at the Gathering election.  The board is working on a process to allow voting by members unable to attend the Annual Gathering.  We are aware that this will most likely require a change to our bylaws.

    Your 2020 ALDHA Board:

    Dr. Ken “Nimbus” Bunning, Coordinator

    Wayne “Mad Hatter” Krevetski, Assistant Coordinator

    Dennis “Trail Pilgrim” Newton, Recording Secretary

    Robert “Sly” Sylvester, Membership Secretary

    Jill “IWOX” Byrd, Treasurer

    Vera “Missing Kink” Hurst, Member At-Large

    Jim “High Octane” Niedbalski, Member At-Large

    Bill “Sprained Rice” O’Brien, Member At-Large

    Penny “Reverse” Vann, Member At-Large

    Chris “Soggy Treks” Vores, Member At-Large

    Mary Kate “Brooklyn” Stopa, Member At-Large

    Robert “Third Half” Christianson, Member At-Large

    Shalin “Shay” Desai, Member At-Large


    Ken “Nimbus” Bunning

    ALDHA Coordinator

  • 09/16/2020 8:15 AM | Robert Sylvester (Administrator)

    2020 Board of Directors Election

    will be held online during the month of October.

    Click the link for more details!

  • 08/21/2020 10:49 PM | Robert Sylvester (Administrator)

    Back to Boundary Work!!

    Ron Bungay wonders:  Can the third time be the charm?

    When: November 12 & 13, 2020
    Where: Blackburn Trail center.

    Finally, a restart to ALDHA"s boundary work program is a possiblity.  Please arrive on Wednesday November 11.  

    Let it be known there is a 50/50 likelihood that this work trip will be cancelled. Hopefully be the end of September the fate of the work trip will be known.  We will update the work schedule, housing provisions, food, etc in the October Blaze.  Please, watch for updates.

    Two other Corridor/Boundary Work Trips scheduled for the Spring of 2020 were a no go because of Covid-19. I hope my tenure as the ALDHA Work Trip Coordinator will end on a positive note!  Due to my retirement, ALDHA needs another Boundary work coordinator.  Please contact me, Ron Bungay for more information at 

    Ryan Seltzer -ATC, Chris Brunton-PATC, Bob Huff and myself have been involved in organizing the ALDHA work trips. Our partnership in the Boundary program with the ATC will  mean that they will be involved in the decision making process, also. Here's hoping the third time is a charm.

  • 05/12/2020 5:49 PM | Robert Sylvester (Administrator)
    Hi there,

    I am a musician / songwriter in Portland, OR and one of our fans who walked the PCT last year suggested that I contact you. We just released a new single / video titled Top Of The World. The song is dedicated to co-writer Kelly Brightwell's Mom and her journey at the age of 71 walking the Camino de Santiago pilgrim trail in Spain a few years back. It's a song that reminds all of us that we are not alone and the struggle is worth it in the end. Please feel free to share.
    All the best,

  • 03/19/2020 3:58 PM | Robert Sylvester (Administrator)

  • 01/09/2020 10:41 AM | Robert Sylvester (Administrator)

    The 2020 Thru-Hikers' Companion available in PDF for members, and in hard-copy in the ALDHA Store (20% off until January 21).

  • 12/18/2019 11:54 AM | Robert Sylvester (Administrator)

    Considering the Coronavirus pandemic, many or all, events may be canceled. See the Links page for more info..

  • 10/30/2019 2:09 PM | Robert Sylvester (Administrator)

    While the website is mobile friendly, you can also download a member app
    in Android or IOS to register for events, find other members etc.

  • 10/21/2019 8:24 PM | Robert Sylvester (Administrator)

  • 07/01/2019 9:43 AM | Robert Sylvester (Administrator)

    There's a couple opportunities to get your hands dirty this month.

    The Southern Appalachian Work Center will be building a footbridge dedicated to ALDHA just south of US route 19E in Roan Mountain, TN on July 18th.

    Other opportunities with SAWC

    The RPH Cabin Volunteers will be doing several projects in the vicinity of RPH Cabin, Hopewell Junction, NY from July 19-21.

    Check out the events page for more details.

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