ALDHA’s members are passionate about education and sharing the experience and knowledge of seasoned hikers.  ALDHA develops and presents educational programs, workshops, and information to dreamers, day hikers, section hikers, thru-hikers, and friends of the trail. Programs are to be presented to both community groups, youth organizations, and hikers at trail events.

ALDHA as the premier long distance hiking organization in the United States, has the experience and desire to provide workshops and programs on all elements of long distance hiking and the trails of the region.

Hiker Awareness: Many potential hikers do not recognize issues they will face attempting a long distance adventure. Hygiene is often taken for granted before starting. What should you do when you encounter bears, snakes, moose, ticks, and other wild creatures? How should you store your food… and why? Additionally, the physical strain and injuries resulting from long distance hiking are often overlooked.Safety: All elements of the program overlap with safety. Special consideration needs to be given to personal safety, how to keep from getting lost, and environmental dangers such as hypothermia, dehydration, and heat related illness. The tragic loss of Ronald “Stronghold” Sanchez, and injuries to other hikers in 2019 reinforced the need to increase safety awareness.

Trail Education: Our trail education draws on first-hand experience augmented with updates from the ATC and other trail centric organizations. Topics include: What ALDHA does behind the scenes; the permitting process, regulations, and preserving Baxter State Park and it’s crown jewel, Mt. Katahdin;  hiker etiquette and what is expected of you when you visit trail communities; stream crossing; forest fires on the trail; and general information on the Appalachian Trail and other trails in the region.

ARTICLES (download):

Food Storage Techniques

Stream Crossing Tips

Prepping for a Thru Hike

Alternative Trails Info

Post Hike Depression

Hiking in Frozen Conditions

Vampires (ticks, black flies, etc)

Diarrhea & stuff (eek)


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