I Hiked ALDHA Way

Finish the A.T., attend the Gathering, and get your Certificate!
Come attend the Gathering, Oct 11-14, 2024, in Abingdon, VA at Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center.

If you can’t come to the Gathering, become a member, and have it mailed as a member.

If you’ve recently completed the Appalachian Trail, north or south, flip-flopped or section-hike, and logged all 2,194.3 miles of the A.T., AND ARE A MEMBER OF ALDHA, you’ll receive an “I Hiked ALDHA Way” patch and certificate, compliments of ALDHA.

If you are a member or are going to the Gathering, all you must do is complete the form below and attend the annual Gathering. The patch and certificate are our gift to you for a successful journey on the Appalachian Trail. Please email coordinator@aldha.org to let us know you are coming to the Gathering then register online.

If you are not currently a member and completed your hike, then consider joining us now and you are eligible.

If you can’t attend the Gathering, members will have their patches and certificates mailed to them. Not a member? Join here.

ALDHA Way Form

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