ALDHA Election Process:
Our bylaws require us to adhere to certain stipulations assuring an orderly and transparent election process.  Thus, in order in order to bring online and paper ballot voting prior to the time of the Gathering, the board will seeking a bylaw change. Proposed bylaw changes will be made available on the polling page during the month of May. Assuming bylaw changes pass, the election process will be as follows...

1.  Nomination processThe following procedures have been established by the board to make publicly available to    our members the open positions along with description of their duties and expectations on the ALDHA Website.

  • Dates will be published and processed via electronic and snail mail as close as possible to 1 August 2021. These dates and processes for nomination will be repeated in upcoming edition  of the Blaze.
  • Election material will be published and sent to you based on your membership information in the ALDHA database and come via an email from the website.
  • Members without email will be sent this same information via USPS.
  • All links to our webpage information will be published on our ALDHA Facebook Group page.

 2.  Nominations:

  • Nominations should be e-mailed/snail mailed to the Election Coordinator, c/o Dennis Newton, 244 E Eufaula St, Ozark, AL, 36360.
  • The nominee needs to acknowledge that he accepts the nomination in an email chain.
  • Nominees will submit a brief biography and a statement of why they want to serve on the board. 
  • If snail mail is used, the nominee must accept in writing.
  • Nominations will close on August 21.
  • The Election coordinator will compile the bios and work with the Membership Secretary to post them on the website.

 3.  Elections: 

  • Ballots will be formatted by the Election Coordinator and posted on the website. 
  • Snail mail ballots and nominee bios will be sent to non email members no later than 1 September 2021.
  • One ballot will be sent per membership.  If there is more than one active member per membership please contact the Election Coordinator.
  • Electronic voting will be via the website.
  • Elections close September 30th.  Ballots received after this date will not be counted.

 4.  Posting of Results:

  • The website will tally electronic ballots and paper ballots will be tallied and verified by the Election Coordinator and/or the Recording Secretary.
  • Results will be announced at the Gathering and posted during the second week of October.  
  • Results will be posted on the website, in the Blaze and the Winter Newsletter.

Calendar Overview:

August 1st - publish and snail mail the process to members.
August 21st - nominations close.
September 1st - both electronic and snail mail ballots will be made available or mailed.
September 30th - elections close.
October 10th - election results announced at the Gathering annual meeting.

Available Positions: 

Seven positions are up for reelection this fall.  
Assistant Coordinator 

Recording Secretary 

Member at Large

Member at Large 
Member at Large
Member at Large 

Duties and Responsibilities for All Board Members: 
1.  All board members must agree to and sign a conflict of interest statement.
2.  Board members are expected to help carry the load of managing the day-to-day business of ALDHA.  We are a             working board and it is not uncommon for board members to wear multiple “hats.”
3.  Board members are expected to attend the Gathering, in-person board meetings, and monthly electronic                    meetings.  It is also strongly recommended that members attend trail functions when possible.
4.  Board members are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the ALDHA bylaws and motions passed by the both past and present boards. 

5.  Board members are required to adhere to the ALDHA Communications Policy.

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